Costureando gives you the opportunity to work with us as distributor o shop.

This way you could have some advantages  such as, not only  special prices but also the possibility of personalising  the items with your own labels, your own fabrics or a large choice of fabrics we can offer you.

If you are a TEXTILE BABY distribution Company or a shop and you want to  work with Costureando, please contact us and we will inform you about all advantages.

If you want to gain access to our website as a shop or distributor, and benefit enormously from special prices, please follow the steps below:

Sign up now to create an account in our website.

Please contact us after signing up.    CONTACT US

We will assign you to a special category.

Once assigned, we will send to you a confirmation email and from thenon , you will have the opportunity to see and buy our items with a special tariff.


Shipping rates will be estimated depending on the order amount. For this reason we kindly ask you to leave payment outstanding.